Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trip down to a Lily Flower Garden

It was this Wednesday, that we went to this random garden in San Bernardino, in a big mansion/rich area. There was a name for the garden, but I sadly forgot it and will get back to it when I ask my mom later. It was a rather small garden; similar size in like a housing ground. The place was literally in a neighborhood. So, I'm assuming that the owners of the place lived near around in that neighborhood... Except us, there were very few people at the garden, maybe around 2 other visitors, and then gardeners out about doing their job. Our original plan was to take a trip to Universal Studios that day, but my dad's body ache was getting a bit worse so we decided to go somewhere with an easier take for him.

For a private/independent garden, I think they did a pretty good job at this place! Asian-inspired Lily garden

They say that Lily's are almost like miracles. My mom was telling me how a Lily's life is a great metaphor for people who go through adversities in their life, but in the end, they bloom into wonderful people or do wonderful things. This parallels the Lily flower because Lily's only grow in marshy/dirty types of waters. They're not commonly or ever found in clear lakes or other clean bodies of water. This represents that even through the most unpleasant, ruthless, and vague times, something will still be able to bloom into splendor. I find this thing to be really cute and encouraging to keep in mind about Lily's and life.  


a busy bee that looks like it's totally devouring that little flower...

They also sold some classic Asian fish at the garden! When I approached the tub to take a closer picture, the swarm of them swam away to the othe side of the tub... lol.

On the way home, passing by a street of endless humongous mansions *___* and also this in the middle of the road. Pretty, eh?

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