Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ombre Up & Down

rings- (from left to right) forever 21, gift from a friend, jewelery stand that comes a few times a year at Costco (silver).

A perfect summer day; the temperature was about 28-32 degrees celcius (80-85 fahrenheit) with pure blue skies, and I spent most of it indoors, yes. Haha, but I was out bright and early for my physical education summer school class. We ran a mile today, and my calfs are still a bit sore- yay. Besides that, I decided to play dress up and brought this outfit up. It's been a while since I've gone out in public with my fringe up and off my forehead. I felt pretty naked... (lol). Here, I am wearing my trusty chiffon button-up from American Apparel; this top is the most versatile thing ever since my loafers which I also wore. They're my dupe for the UNIF hellraisers, and I think I did the right thing in getting these Steve Madden's over the hellraisers. These are a bit more toned down from the edgy-ness, and I will probably wear them for a long time until they wear out. The spikes are on more of a gold-ish tone, and they are blunt spikes. I had small bites of jalapeno's with my dinner tonight, and I just iched my nose, and now my nose is getting that spicy sensation... Now those are pretty hot jalapeno's! Back to the outfit, I wore my new lime-green dip-dyed shorts from XXI, which added the perfect amount of color to this outfit. Ombre head, ombre shorts- cool stuff, man.

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