Monday, June 11, 2012

Breezy Monday



I am really disappointed in my hair. I mean, I was expecting some of the actual ombre look to appear; it's been over a week since I got my hair done. But hey, putting that aside, hello Monday! Now that school's over (since June 4!), and summer has begun, Monday's are quite lovable now- students don't want to set each other on fire anymore! Yay. I didn't do much today except go out and run a few errands here and there. One plus of the day- we went to Target, and I was looking through the bag and purse section, and found a decent versatile faux leather bag! I couldn't get a picture of it because I bought it later on during the evening. In the outfit, I wore a basic maroon sort-of-crochet-croptop, some high-rise h&m shorts, new levi's light wah jacket, new black beanie, and after a long time of not wearing these, I brought out my doc marten's. This is my first time wearing them out in the summer, and I think I like the way they look on bare skin rather than over pants or leggings in the fall and winter. I also tried to use minimal jewelry (thinking that this outfit was already loud enough, though looking at it through photos, it really isn't that loud at all). I wore my silver cuff, vintage silver clip-on's, and. my gold ear cuff, which isn't shown.
I don't know why, but I always feel so invincible whenever I put my ear cuff on. It's like a lucky charm or something, not that it's given me any luck that I've noticed, but I just feel that the ear piece really does start and finish a look splendidly. I need to get myself a silver one now!

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