Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Hair! Welcoming Ombre

Ombre - it is a French word, pronounced om-bruh. I know that many people confuse the pronounciation as om-ber, or om-bre (which would be the better attempt at the pronounciation), but I just wanted to state this because I find it important. Back to the point, this is basically the process of making hair, or anything really, as a blend of dark to light with no harsh lines among the different level of shades. It's become a very popular trend ever since back in late 2010, and has thrived to this day! I finally decided to really give it a try myself, but not literally, I got it done progessionally. Because, I honestly couldnt trust myself with bleaching my own hair. As I believe, there isn't any other way to achieve the ombre look (unless you have very fair hair) unless you bleach you hair. I've read a lot of comments and questions adressed to other women who have ombre'd their hair and posted the tutorial on YouTube. Many viewers asked if they didn't have to use bleach, because they didn't want to damage their hair, but most of the time the answer was no. In my own experience, yes, this process is damaging, but personally, the bleach didn't harm my hair as much as I thought it would. I was expecting very frizzy ends and broken ends, but fortunately I got very minimal damage. Even my hair stylist said so! My advice, if you really think that the bleach will damage your hair, test it out on a small strand of your bottom hair. If the outcome is satisfactory, get crazy!

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My hair two days (if I can recall) after ombreing/bleaching it. I got this done professionally at a Korean hair salon down in Los Angeles on Saturday June, 2nd. The stylist lady told me that I would have to wait around 7-10 days for the colors to get to a gradation, a.k.a. the whole ombre look.We shall see...

Hair update: Exactly 4 days and a half since I got my hair done. Not much change visible... My hair is beginning to get that "fake" looking blonde hair at the tips. Some strands of the blonde are getting a bit shiny, but not in a flattering way; it kind of looks like Barbie hair. I have to say, I am quite disappointed to see no change yet... Since it was my first time doing anything this BIG to my hair (I've only had highlights when I was 9, and red highlights at 13), I guess I will have to wait probably 2 weeks or so to really see some improvement and the gradation.

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