Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday night

Hellooo, long time no post! To whoever is out there that actually looks at this blog... I have been quite busy these past couple weeks with catching up on school work, and many many projects that have consumed my 2 a.m. early mornings... Today was a great day to just kick it with my mom; we went to TJ Maxx, and I picked up some kick-ass jewelry and suede loafers. (silver cuff and choker shown ^) While la madre was shopping at a Korean grocery market, I decided to roam around in the Goodwill right next door to the market and found tons of great vintage jeans! I bought only one- Calvin Klein high-waisted denim pants, and I'm definitely going to hack off the legs and turn them into shorts. Boo ya. I was quite disappointed to figure out that the Versace vintage jeans were too tight on my butt, and made it look as flat as the wall... Oh well. Cheers to the next person who finds those Versace's and fits nicely in them!

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