Sunday, January 6, 2013

Leather and Baroque

Well, long time no see again!
First semester seriously flew by like a pre-teen flipping through a Seventeen magazine... I don't know, something like that, something very swift. Quite pleased with my final grades for the semester, just hope that I can keep it up until May..! Graduation date is on May 30th, and Prom is sometime in April. Ohoho. 
Well moving onto my OOTD, just decided to kick it in my cool baroque printed pants and some leather and pleather. 
I've had this pleather jacket for over 3 years now, and still going strong! It's a definite staple in my closet and goes in my top ten must's for fall/winter wear. Luckily it's not super duper freezing out in the afternoon so this jacket does just the job in keeping me decently warm. 
The pants are from Marshall's. Yes. Marshall's. The clothing store that you always drive by, but never have actually gone into. If you haven't been in Marshall's before, I highly recommend it! You will never know what nice things you could run into. Unless you try. 
As for my boots, these babies are pretty new to the family. I got them around three weeks ago from Urban Outfitters and I've loved them ever since. They didn't look as appealing online, but I really wanted some classic black chelsea's so I just went with them, and so glad I did. 
Hope everyone had a productive/safe/fun winter break, or just the past two weeks! 
I really think I'm going to make a new year's resolution to make more POSTS! I keep on having these huge time gaps between all my posts.... le sigh. 

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