Saturday, January 12, 2013

Skinny Khaki and My Favourite Cap

Hey y'all! Hope you're all doing well! 
So, I've made one of my new year resolutions to post more on my blog, and also adding to that, to post at least once a week. With that said, here's my weekly post! 
My family and I were supposed to go down the hill (people up here in the high desert call going down to bigger urbanized cities such as L.A., Diamond Bar... etc anywhere but cities in the high desert as going "down the hill" because technically, we do live on a hill. Just a huge one. Think mountain-like.) but as change of plans, we couldn't make the trip. So, instead, I decided to just hang around the house, and watched a movie with my dad. 
In this outfit, I'm wearing my pleather motorcylce jacket, black knitt sweater, two layered necklaces, Boston Red Sox cap, khaki skinnies, and ivory flats that I found in a big shoe box in the garage. 
This is a really neutral outfit, great for any occassion, I guess. Esepecially for a "Romantic Date". Haha, I kid I kid, I joke. 

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