Monday, July 16, 2012

Pleats In The Breeze

Gooood day, y'all. It's such a beautiful day to just kick back and hang out outside. It was a kind of windy out too, so it's not just deadbeat heat in sun city. It can get pretty hot up here in the high desert of SoCal, and since it is summer, I just wore really light-weight and hassle-free clothing. When in doubt, opt for chiffon- one of the most versatile things ever. I chose my chiffon tank top and my pleated mid-length skirt from American Apparel. This is one of the purchases I got from the American Apparel factory flea market in mid June. So glad I got it; it's such a soft and comfy skirt. For other items I wore, I just slipped into my Steve Madden gladiators, Steve Madden sunnies, my trusty gold ear cuff, and some gold rings from ASOS.

The Ombre seems to have more of the "faded" look now, FINALLY. Took over a month to get to this point, and the colors still look a bit choppy. Oh well. At this point I really don't even care anymore, haha. But I'm glad I got the Ombre done. Yolo.

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