Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keep Calm & Go to the Beach

This Tuesday, July 3rd, my family and a bunch of family friends went on a fun-filled trip to Huntington Beach! For those of you that don't know where that is, it's a popularly known beach in Southern California. It was my family's first time at Huntington, and my first time at any Californian beach! That day was quite magical; I haven't seen the ocean in years so it was very memorable time. But, even though the view was breathtaking, I was pretty disappointed that it was so cloudy and cold! We all dressed up for a nice, summery, 30 degrees celcius weather, but when once we got off the car, we were freezing. It felt like it was 15 celcius... Pretty cold for July, eh. But it wasn't that bad; most of the people got used to the coldness after running around and playing in the sand and water. Well, anywho, I hope you enjoy some of the photos that were taken on that day!

golf cuff in hair- h&m

K, nevermind, it's still so beautiful no?
Wished a certain someone was there with me...

AA lace top, AA high waisted denim shorts, and some RayBans


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