Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Webcam sha-bam

So, I was bored (I should be working on my SAT prep school hw), and I'm not going out anywhere today, and so I decided to play dress up. The only "out" part that I'm incorporating in my day is that we might get take-out later on in the evening for dinner.

I put on my super-tight black "easy" jeans from American Apparel. Haha, they're aren't so easy if you put comfort into the picture. I haven't worn the pants out yet, and before I do I'm going to wear it from time to time in the house to stretch them, because currently they're a bit stretched from the starting point when I first bought them. That was when these pants were extremely tight, like my legs were suffocating. Was a bitch to put on, and take off. Anyways, with the jeans, I wore a basic burghundy tank top and I knotted it in the middle. I also wore my newly jazzed-up denim jacket I got from Marshall's- added spikes to the upper arm. I was originally going to spike both arms, but looking at it again with just one arm done, I think I might just leave it as is?

 Lavender nails against forrest green. Mhmm.

 Circle scarf fettish. This one's from AA.

 Light denim and burghundy should get married.

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  1. you look so pretty and so does your outfit!!!

    I follow you now?
    Could you please follow me?